My in-person school visit fee is $750 + travel costs. I am located in Los Angeles. I offer virtual school visits for a flat rate of $750 for an hour of speaking + Q&A.


I offer developmental letters and line edits for finished manuscripts, MG, YA, and Adult, charged at 2 cents per word. The edits cover voice, character, plotting, structure, form, and the work’s market potential.


I offer one-minute long book trailers, priced at a flat fee of $300, which may or may not fluctuate depending on specific visual, audio, or SFX requests. For a sample, please see my books page. To see more samples, please contact me at expressing interest in this service. I will send examples of the trailers I’ve done, and we can assess whether they meet your interests.


A sensitivity read can help an author (or editor) understand how representation may act as a source of empowerment, or an extension of discriminatory power structures. In the following areas, I offer a single-spaced one page letter of in-depth explanation of representation movement work, and how material in the text may reinforce or reduce harmful stigma.

Black American Rep – This feedback regards character description, overall portrayals, harmful tropes, and dialect critique of African-American Vernacular English and slang. I am a Millenial who grew up in a suburb outside the city of Atlanta, so my perspective is colored with that brush.

Gay Rep – This feedback regards stereotypical portrayals, harmful tropes, realities of sex, LGBTQ+ culture and slang.

ADHD, depression, and social anxiety – This is mental health rep, with commentary based on my singular experience dealing with these mental illnesses. Commentary concerns the ways in which these illnesses impede typical brain function, social interaction, and daily life. I have experience with the following medications: Lexapro, Paxil, Klonopin, and Wellbutrin.


$200 for manuscripts of 1k-30k words.

$250 for manuscripts of 30k-60k words.

$300 for manuscripts of 60k-90k words.

$350 for manuscripts of 90k-120k words.

If your book straddles one of these ranges, it’s the lower price. I accept payment through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or direct deposit. If interested in a query critique or sensitivity read, contact me at